Download speeds max of 8Mbps (LTE)/4Mbps (4G) for all data plans except our Unlimited plans.The Unlimited plan offers data speeds max of 3Mbps; video streaming at SD quality (about 480p). After 22 GB of data usage on the Unlimited Plan, Cricket may temporarily slow data speeds during network congestion. On the Unlimited Extra Plan, Cricket may temporarily slow data speeds when the network is congested. Video streaming at SD quality (about 480p). For other plans with high-speed data allowances, speeds will be reduced to 128Kbps max if you exceed your plan’s monthly data allowance. Actual speed varies by device and location. For more information on Cricket’s mobile broadband service, visit Mobile Broadband Information.

Mexico and Canada roaming includes calling/texting in Mexico, Canada and between the U.S., Mexico & Canada Also includes use of the high-speed data allotment from your plan while traveling in Mexico and Canada. Actual data speeds vary by device and location. International data roaming may be reduced to 2G speeds. Each number of texts, number of voice minutes, and data usage sent, received or used while in Canada cannot exceed 50% of the total number of texts or voice minutes or data usage (including domestic use) in a month for any consecutive three month period or service may be terminated. Roaming services not guaranteed, limited coverage in select markets outside the U.S. Other restrictions apply. Subject to Cricket International Terms & Conditions.

Stream More: All data plans except the Unlimited Plan and Unlimited Extra Plan come with Stream More, a feature which helps you save data when watching videos by streaming certain higher-definition videos at standard definition quality, similar to DVD (about 480p). Cricket will activate Stream More for you. Once activated, you may turn it off or back on at any time. To learn when Cricket will turn on Stream More for you, view Important Information Regarding Data Speed, Usage and Network Management. .

Mobile Hotspot Add-On Feature ($10/mo): Can share monthly plan’s high-speed data allowance among multiple devices. For Unlimited plans, you have 10 GB of Mobile Hotspot data usage per month; after 10 GB of usage, Mobile Hotspot data usage slowed to max of 128 Kbps for the rest of bill cycle. Requires a qualifying plan and eligible phone. Only available with current Unlimited plans and select grandfathered plans. View eligible phones.

General: Services and features are available for 30 days upon payment of the rate plan charge. Monthly plans payments are not refundable or transferable. Phone may be restricted to Cricket service during first six months after activation. See Device Unlock Policy. Pricing, availability, terms, and data usage & speed and other restrictions subject to change without notice. In-store activation/upgrade fee: up to $25. Add’l one-time fees may apply including up to a $3 Customer Assistance Fee. Services & coverage not available everywhere. Service subject to Terms and Conditions.

Auto Pay: First month rate plan charge due in full. $5 credit applied upon enrollment in Auto Pay. Credit received at end of billing cycle. See Auto Pay Terms and Conditions.